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One Second Everyday

Remember those home videos from when we were kids? There’s the shaky, grainy footage of you crawling after the dog, blowing the candles out at your 6th birthday party, or that family vacation with everyone in swim suits. Maybe those videos got pulled out at graduation or your wedding. But now they are all on […]

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Life Captured 365

Life Captured 365 is the most ambitious project I’m working on in 2017. This is my first time doing a 365 project, a popular undertaking in the photography community. I’ve done shorter daily projects but was always hesitant to commit to the full year. It’s not that it’s difficult or new territory for me — […]

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Taking on the New Year

For a┬ávery long time I’ve been planning to start a photography blog and this year I’m finally making it happen! My goal is to create a space to showcase my work more frequently: personal projects, personal photography, and client sessions. I’m also aiming to share a little about myself and my artistic process. I share […]

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