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Example Of Pet Custody Agreement

The court in that case expressly stated that the dog was property and therefore could not grant custody; the court was only required to accept the dog in turn. Other clauses to be taken into account in this agreement are: if the pet is a large dog and a portion settles in a small apartment, the space may not be conducive to the breeding of a large animal, so the visit should perhaps be limited to the two parties that meet in a dog park. The following agreement was developed by Colleen Sparks, a family lawyer who assists clients with expertise as divorce counsel in California. “While several states have granted special status to family animals as part of the dissolution procedure, we believe that such a course is not wise. Surveillance and visitation investigations are at the forefront of persistent control and control issues. Our courts are overwhelmed by custody supervision, visitation and support for issues related to the protection of our children. We cannot take on the same responsibility as animals.¬†Another example of an aborted visitation agreement was seen in In re the Marriage of Fore. [5] In this case, the dog was given to the woman as her tangible personal property with a visit to the husband during the first seven days of each month. The following standard animal care agreement contains an agreement between Poppy Jennings and “Bobby Chung” to determine who owns the Corgi Bordel. The agreement also describes how both will manage the care and liability, insurance and expenses of pets. In another case, Bennett v.

Bennett, the court granted the woman the visit with the dog. [4] When the husband refused the visit, the woman returned to court to request a change in custody. The husband appealed the original court order that the dog was a pre-marital property. The Court of Appeal stated that animal protection agreements are legal documents very similar to child custody agreements. As most pet owners will tell you, their pet companions are more than property. Since each household is different, these contracts should be developed to best reflect the specific interests of the parties and pets involved. The document often contains provisions for visits or shared custody. Owners should carefully consider the needs of pets, as well as their own. Some animals do better with structure and routine, so it may not be optimal to let them move too often. She may be forced at the end of a relationship.

This involves a long-term relationship in which the couple lived together but was never legally married. This includes divorce cases. In some circumstances, the agreement might be a good idea for long-term roommates who adopt or purchase a pet together. As part of these agreements, the parties determine the precise determination of custody rights, including the dates of the animal`s termination and deadlines, so that the parties are on the same page of their visits and responsibilities. This document is used when two people need a written record of the custody contract they have developed for their pet. Here are five examples of child custody that show how judges tend to govern in these cases.