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How To Get Police Verification Online For Rent Agreement

The owner can transmit verification data online after mobile check-in. A tax of Rs 500 is also applicable. The city`s “Know Your Tenant” initiative has been confirmed for homeowners to get police check through their Hawk Eye app, after the discovery of criminal results, terrorist activities and child labor incidents. Verification requests are also received online. 1) This request is intended to provide information about renting a house/place in the jurisdiction of Mumbai to inform the Mumbai police. 2) Owners/properties and tenants should confirm that the above information is true. 3) A false report to the police may be punishable. In most cases, leases are fluid and everything ends well. Or so? You probably wouldn`t expect one of your tenants to lubricate him at newstime for the wrong reasons, like selling drugs, operating a secret fighting club, establishing terrorists, or collaborating with mafia kings. But people are sometimes unpredictable and sometimes downright criminal. It`s easier in Mumbai than anywhere else.

The police don`t need a NOC. All you need to do is indicate the required details online, but you need to be meticulous in following the prescribed details. OTP is sent to the owner. The address of the owner and the rented property must not be identical. The owner should go to the police station if the police need to check for a discrepancy. Mumbai police react very well on Twitter when citizens need clarification. The process is different since the verification is done in the Commissioner`s office, from where you can buy a form for Rs 10. Add the copy of the rental agreement, photo, ID card, etc. Pay a verification fee of Rs 200 for (or in your mobile app). Submit the form to the Commissioner`s office and get confirmation of the receipt, after which the police issue a security certificate within one month. I want to rent and I found the Tenent online.

Can you help me with verification, rental agreements, rent guarantee and other help to evacuate the house if necessary, etc.? All terrorist and anti-national elements who rent housing under a false identity and forged documents can be caught red-handed….