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Ladwp Solar Interconnection Agreement

You wouldn`t buy a car without first comparing a few options. Shouldn`t Solar be the same? LADWP previously had an offer of solar discounts, but the program was at the end of 2018. At this time, they do not offer discounts or other incentives for new solar energy customers. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) had been operating a solar program since 1999. They offer a net-metering program for customers who connect their solar installation to the energy grid. If your system doesn`t produce enough electricity for your home, your electricity is supplied by the power grid. If your system generates excess electricity, your meter turns upside down and you get a credit on your bill. The success of this policy change is due to years of lobbying by the solar industry and collaboration with LADWP employees. In November 2018, LADWP Commissioner Aura Vasquez, in collaboration with Mark Smith, CEO of Solar Forward, helped create a solar working group made up of LADWP employees, calssa and local solar contractors in LA. Stakeholders meet every two months and work together to streamline the solar installation process. Success has come slowly, but definitive progress has been made and the solar industry welcomes the progress made.

With EnergySage, you can compare your solar options if you receive offers from the best local solar installers near you. Find out how affordable solar is for your home with our solar calculator, or simply register your property today to get deals. If you have a TOU plan, your electricity costs less if demand is low, and prices go up when demand is high. As a result, your Net Metering credits can be more or less valuable than LADWP-Net-Metering credits depending on when you reinject solar electricity into the grid. Learn more about Net Metering 2.0. In comparison, in the six “investor-specific services companies” in California (including SDG&E, PG&E, and SCE), new Net Metering customers are automatically included in “Net Metering 2.0,” which has a slightly different structure from LADWP`s Net Metering program. Net Metering 2.0 requires owners of solar PV installations to enter the full-time (TOU) prices for which your electricity rate (and therefore the value of your Net Metering credits) varies depending on the time of day. Overall, California is a great place to have solar panels, due to the high amount of sunshine and the availability of net metering programs from most utility companies. LADWP is a utility company whose prices for individuals are flat all day.