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Large-Scale Agreement

The full text of the framework agreement is available on the following link; As one of the world`s largest law firms, we provide our clients with global resources, knowledge and experience, as well as a pool of knowledge to advise on large-scale business issues. We provide comprehensive business advice on all aspects of the supply chain, sector channels to the goods and services market, strategic alliances, partnership agreements, joint ventures, service level agreements and licensing. Our clients are at the heart of our practice and we are known for the innovative methods we offer legal advice. This contract is governed by private law and does not invalidate other agreements entered into by creditor companies with a foreign credit institution or international institution with respect to debts subject to financial restructuring that are valid on the relevant date. The requirements of the agreement are specified in the framework agreement. The Major Projects Act has been strongly criticized, particularly the conditions of employees working on large-scale projects. The Greenland workers` organisation SIK is concerned that the major projects law could lead to social dumping, while the employers` organisation GA fears that the law on major projects could lead to a total distortion of competition. Requesting, extending and modifying subscriptions for your employees (at least 25) are possible with a large order. An account gives you access to a secure website. It`s easy to ask, extend and change subscriptions. You will receive an invoice once a month. Employees can contact our Service Desk if they have any questions or comments or if they would like to know about additional services.

This is on the 3rd floor of Stichthage`s offices at The Hague Central Station. This large-scale long-term agreement follows and is progressively part of the memory production technology transfer contract announced in April and for the reservation of certain large-scale production capacity, in order to pave the way for commercial production of drugs for the COVID 19 vaccine candidate. The law also opens the possibility for the project company to enter into collective agreements with several unions in the same jurisdiction.