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Payroll Services Agreement Pdf

This agreement is reached between and the contractor with the head office, an independent (adviser). 1. General Provisions: The Advisor undertakes to provide the services covered in Point 2. Service Rates The service provider and the customer herein accept the following rates signed by the customer. The customer accepts a one-time fee of $100 (New Client Payroll Setup Fee), which the customer agrees to pay a one-time fee of $50 (direct deposit installation fee) monthly fee: $80 up to 3 employees 15 USD for each additional Employee Reporting Agent Fees: $100/quarter – Quarterly/yearly preparation/year-end Wage Tax Forms $50/quarter – Make tax payments and payments on your behalf from a particular account 3. The Standard of Performance Payroll Service Provider herebly accepts that it meets the highest professional standards when providing all services to be provided under this Agreement. 4. The customer is solely responsible for providing all the information, materials, data and documents necessary to provide the services agreed under this Agreement. The customer recognizes and accepts that the accuracy of the financial information provided to the Payroll service provider is the sole responsibility of the customer. The wage processing service provider is not responsible for the establishment of pay cheques, financial statements, registrations or other financial reports in the event of inaccuracy of the financial data provided by the client. Based on inaccurate customer information resulting in pay corrections for the customer, the payment service provider makes corrections at a billing rate of $35/HR, which will be included in subsequent billing periods. Customer Initial QUICKSSL PREMIUM ™ SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT Please read the agreement carefully below.

By submitting an application for a QuickSSL Premium ™ certificate and the acceptance and use of such a certificate, 3 5. Duration This contract is in effect on the day above and is valid until the end of the 60-day period after the written termination. (6) The contractor`s independent wage processing provider provides the services as an independent contractor and does not act as the client`s employee, agent or broker. As an independent contractor, the wage processing provider is solely responsible for the payment of all taxes collected by the applicable laws on its compensation. The pay service provider is aware that the customer will not deduct any amount for the payment of taxes from the payment service provider`s compensation. 7. Payment During the duration of the agreement, the customer must pay the Paying Service Provider for the services provided under this agreement. Payment is made until the 15th day of the month for the previous month`s benefits. 8. Expenses The client agrees to reimburse all pre-approved expenses incurred by the wage processing provider in relation to services, including, but not exclusively, travel, audit costs, taxes, etc.