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Sales And Purchase Agreement For Diesel

The seller and the buyer, under the responsibility and responsibility of the company, each indicate that one party is a legitimate owner of the goods in quantity and quality, as shown below, and that the other has the full capacity to purchase the goods in question. The seller sells and the buyer buys on the basis of FOB the D2 GOST 305-82, referred to as “the quality goods according to Schedule “A” The following annexes are considered to be integral and imperative parts of this contract: 1.3.1. Appendix “B” – Delivery Plan 16.2 This agreement can be executed simultaneously in two (2) or more, each considered original. 16.3 The article and other titles of this Agreement are simple and cannot be interpreted in any way to restrict or alter the purpose of this Agreement. 16.1 This agreement contains the entire agreement reached between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and can only be amended by a written agreement. Any prior written or oral agreement is considered to merge and are replaced by this agreement. Execution date: the date on which the seller and buyer receive their respective copies of this contract or, as stated in the agreement. 15.3.3 This agreement will be treated with each other in a strictly confidential manner for at least five (5) years from the date of this agreement. 3.1.

The total contractual quantity of the goods sold and purchased under this agreement is 500,000 (five hundred thousand) tonnes per month (with a further difference (5%) five per cent of the seller`s choice. This amount corresponds to a one-month offer that must be repeated up to 12 consecutive calendar months for a total of 6,000,000 (6 million) MT to be delivered over a period of 12 (12) months. 14.2 Each party appoints an arbitrator who in turn appoints a third arbitrator. No provision of the agreement should be construed so that a competent court of orders, seizures or orders of seizures or other similar facilities in favour of an arbitr (s) arbitr (s) can be registered in any competent jurisdiction. 14.1 All disputes arising from this contract are settled out of court as a first step. If the parties fail to reach an agreement and the matter is settled, in accordance with the rules of conciliation and arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in London, England, by one or more arbitrators appointed under Articles 15.3.2, in order to involve the purchaser, seller, representatives, mandates, candidates, assignees and all intermediaries participating in this agreement. 11.1 Neither the parties are responsible for non-performance, nor any of the provisions of this agreement, if the benefit has been delayed, hindered or prevented for any reason that is not controlled by the person responsible for the delay, while the responsible party has exercised due diligence.