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Side Agreement Linguee

The university offers a number of financial benefits for students who meet special requirements (salary, financial or personal conditions, international students). Tuition fees for students enrolled in bachelor`s, master`s and one-time programs are divided into two tranches, with different calculation methods and payment schedules: students who are below the thresholds set in the tender must meet additional learning requirements through specific corrective measures. These requirements (ATOs) must be met in the first year of the program. To be admitted to language and literature studies, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent within the country and have sufficient knowledge. A good general culture, a strong motivation for the study of languages and literature and an interest in the international cultural context are essential. . More information is provided in the tender on the website: . Students who scored less than 25/50 overall in the first three sections and scored less than 15/30 points in the “Written Understanding” section are subject to additional learning requirements (ATO). .

Please consider the call to the dates and contents of the probate tests as well as to the registration. 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, students interested in studying must pass a mandatory self-assessment test. The test allows you to identify your level of education for a more conscious choice. The test assesses the student`s knowledge in the following areas: written comprehension and knowledge of Italian – pedagogical skills – logical reasoning – English- knowledge. Candidates meet the qualification criteria when they achieve positive results, i.e. they meet or exceed the thresholds set in the call for applications. Application for admission: Please note the appeal All titles in all languages proposed by the studies do not constitute an appropriate admission qualification or waiver of the examination requirement. The certifications identified in the curriculum (see list on page can only give rise to concessions on exam programs for admitted and actually enrolled students, as provided for for each language. Students with an Italian qualification should have cultural and language skills, as is generally the case in secondary schools focused on the humanities.