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T Mobile Service Agreement Form

For customers whose employer has a T-Mobile enterprise agreement, your “agreement” with T-Mobile includes: (a) this service agreement; (b) T-Mobile`s “terms and conditions”; (c) all conditions specific to your fare plan or service. If you have the DIGITS service, your “agreement” also contains the DIGITS (DIGITS TOU) Terms of Use, which contain significant restrictions on the availability and reliability of 9-1-1 emergency services when using DIGITS, as well as on users` access to call information and text messages for shared DIGITS lines. You can receive copies of T-Mobile`s terms and conditions and your rate plan for ( for Puerto Rican customers) and you can receive copies of THE DIGITS-ToU from or by customer service at (800) 937-8997 or 611 of your T-Mobile phone. You have received your agreement and you have read it. Before using a T-Mobile VoIP service, you must give us your E911 address. If you call 911 via a T-Mobile VoIP service, we can send your e911 registered address to the 911 Communication Centre that takes the call, and it can be used to help emergency responders find you. You agree to update your E911 address before using your T-Mobile VoIP service elsewhere. You can update your E911 address by accessing your account or by contacting T-Mobile`s customer manager. usage. The use of airtime is measured from the moment the network starts processing a call (before the phone rings or the call answers) by completing the call (after being hooked). For voice calls, we round each fraction from one minute to the next full minute.

Depending on the rate plan, data usage can be rounded at the end of each data session, at the end of the billing cycle and/or when the data plan changes. You can charge more than one call or message if you use certain features, resulting in multiple incoming or outgoing calls/messages (e.g.B. call transmission, call wait time, voicemail, conference calls, and multiparty messages). They are billed for text messages, snapshots or snapshots and emails, whether they are read or not, sent or received, requested or sent without being solicited. We use filters to block spam, but we don`t guarantee that you won`t receive spam or other unwanted messages. You`ll find additional blocking options in Most of the user and billing charges generated during a billing cycle will be included in your bill for this cycle. Some user fees and fees may be delayed to a later billing cycle, which may lead you to exceed the allocations of the rate plan in a later billing cycle. Unused scale allowances expire at the end of your billing cycle. Additional charges may be charged for certain functions and services.

Wi-Fi usage fees may vary; For more information, see your pricing plan. If you have a guaranteed rate plan for the price freeze, we will not increase your monthly periodic service charge (“recurring fees”) for the period that applies to your rate plan or, if no period applies, as long as you remain a customer who has a qualifying rate schedule in good condition.