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One Second Everyday – February

February flew by! It was a beautiful month here in Victoria with lots of snow and a bit of sunshine.

I’ve kept up with shooting a video clip each day for my One Second Everyday project and I’ve put together a little video with February’s seconds. I made this month’s a little longer with some extended clips. I’ll be doing one of these every month and then cutting them down and combining them at the end of the year. Creating a monthly video keeps me on track so it’s not a massive job at the end of December. It’s also fun to be able to share my progress with the other photographers and videographers in my One Second a Day group. I’m new to videography so it has been wonderful to have a group of more experienced artists to glean tips and inspiration from. I’m happy with the progress I’m making so far and I’m excited about next month’s video already.

One Second Everyday: February 2017 from Ashley McMath on Vimeo.

Make sure you follow along this month’s blog circle for our One Second a Day group! There are some amazing photographers and videographers in the group and I’ve been so inspired by their work. Check out this video by Tammy Smith, The Rusted Lens Photography.