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Kelp & Moss: An Adventure Blog


It’s time to start a new adventure. It’s easy to scroll through photos on Instagram and admire the beautiful landscapes and the smiling people and just wish it were us. But it’s time to go and discover what is really out there.



A few years ago I had a great little blog (starfish island) about the adventures I took with my very small children.  While some of my friends enjoyed my blog, I didn’t keep up with it for long. I’ve since spent my time on social media. My Instagram account has become my favourite way of documenting and sharing my life. Social media is a great way to share what we’re up to. But it’s not a great way to create content that can be referred back to by people interested in the topic.


Playing with bull kelp in Cordova Bay


I’m enthusiastic about sharing our experiences on a solid and independent platform. My goal is to create a space to post searchable content about family adventures on the westcoast.  And there will be a lot of photos, of course.


Exploring Mt. Tolmie


This blog is about exploring the pacific northwest with your family. I’m passionate about where I live. I love this island and this coast. My goal is to inspire other families to get outside and experience everything our beautiful landscape has to offer. This space will be about small, simple, attainable experiences. These are adventures you can have today, or this weekend. You don’t need special gear or skills. It’s about giving our children a magical childhood just by being willing to get outside and explore together.


Exploring tide pools at French Beach


We’re starting small. We don’t have endless time and money for fancy vacations. We’ll be going on walks in easy to access locations around Victoria. We’ll be going camping at cheap government parks with minimal camping equipment. We’ll be biking to the beach and looking in tide pools. I don’t even drive, so at this point my range of opportunities is also small. I’m not an athlete — and neither are my children. We’ll be huffing and puffing up every hill and feeling the burn the next day. The goal is to start small and grow in our ability and thirst for adventure.


Taking a hike up Mt. Douglas


I’ll share our adventures — the highs and the lows. I’ll share beautiful photos, but I’ll also tell the truth about our misadventures and mistakes. Let’s just get outside.


Moon Jelly


This blog will be hosted on my photography website until I decide to invest in a separate space for it. I’ll also be sharing posts on Medium.