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Taking on the New Year

For a very long time I’ve been planning to start a photography blog and this year I’m finally making it happen! My goal is to create a space to showcase my work more frequently: personal projects, personal photography, and client sessions. I’m also aiming to share a little about myself and my artistic process. I share images on multiple platforms and I’m hoping this one will tie them all together.


Favourite images from 2016


I want to start by sharing some of the projects I’m going to be working on in 2017. These projects occupy a lot of my time, energy and creativity. I’m passionate about constantly creating, documenting, and skill building.

2016 was a successful year for personal projects. I participated in a Life in 52 project for which I shot images based on a weekly theme. Many of my submissions were featured on the group’s blog. That experience built up my confidence and I decided to test the water for what a daily photography project would be like by doing three such mini-projects:
– In March I completed the daily CM glimpse project, shooting based on a daily prompt or theme. I haven’t compiled those photos separately but they were published on Instagram last spring.


-My 100 Summer Days project documented the spirit of summer from June 1 – September 8. The full set can be viewed on my shootproof gallery



-And in December I did a 12 Days of Christmas project on Instagram as well.

Each of these projects was a valuable learning experience. Although sometimes these daily projects can be especially challenging, I’ve learned that the results are well worth the effort. For this reason, I’ve decided to dive head first this year into my first 365 project. Since January 1st, I have been documenting daily life with a portrait each day.

This year I’m doing my Life Captured 365 project in black and white. I’ll speak more on why I made that choice in a future post. The first month of this project has been easier than I expected and also more rewarding. I’m excited about building on my documentary skills as well as my black and white edits. I have made a separate Instagram account @ashleymcmath365 for the project as the images differ from my usual style. I’ll provide periodic updates on the project here as well.

I’m participating in the Life in 52 project again this year. I also have a video project which I’ll elaborate on in a future post. In addition to these daily and weekly projects I will continue to shoot images inspired by our outdoor adventures and activities on our beautiful west coast. I’ve decided to offer a special Winter Lifestyle Session for clients which I’m excited about as a creative opportunity for myself and as a way to offer other people the kinds of images I take and treasure of my own children.


Lastly, I’ve been asked to moderate for a macro photography hub on instagram @macro_moms and I’m really looking forward to participating in that community and building on my macro skills this year. Nature photography has always been a special passion of mine and I’m looking forward to having a platform for creating and sharing those photos.

I’m enthusiastic about the projects I’m undertaking this year and can’t wait to share more on this blog. In addition to these personal projects I have many plans in the works for my photography business and will be giving insights about that in future posts as well. Be sure to check back soon!