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25 of the Best Victoria Area Wedding Venues

photo of a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony in victoria bc

These Venues Provide Both Ceremony and Reception Spaces

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also feel a bit overwhelming when you’re just getting started. The very first thing you need to do is choose your wedding date – or at least have a few options to consider. The next and arguably most important step is choosing and booking your wedding venue. Whether you have a dream location in mind or are starting your search from scratch, finding a venue that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception is a fantastic option. Not only does it streamline logistics for planning, but it also allows you to make the most of your time with family and friends on your wedding day.

As a wedding photographer based in Victoria, I’m delighted to recommend these popular Victoria-area venues that offer stunning settings and easy access to perfect photo locations. Some of these venues have been the backdrop for beautiful weddings I’ve captured, while others are on my photography bucket list.

I’ll keep this list updated as I discover new locations and share more blog posts about each venue and additional options on Vancouver Island.

Photo of bride and groom at Cedar Haven wedding venue in the forest

1. Cedar Haven – Cedar Haven’s forest wedding site is an enchanting setting for outdoor ceremonies, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The venue also provides a charming reception area that complements the forest backdrop.

Wedding ceremony at Bear Mountain Resort

2. Bear Mountain Resort – Nestled in the mountains, Bear Mountain Resort is perfect for couples who want stunning views and the convenience of having both their ceremony and reception in one place.

3. Bilston Creek Farm – With its rustic charm and lovely countryside views, Bilston Creek Farm is an ideal choice for couples who desire an intimate and romantic outdoor wedding. This is at the top of my wedding photography bucket list – especially when the lavender fields are in bloom!

intimate wedding ceremony at Butchart Gardens in the spring prelude garden

4. Butchart Gardens – Known for its beautiful gardens, Butchart Gardens offers a dreamy backdrop for both your ceremony and reception. You can celebrate in the midst of blossoms and greenery. Butchart Gardens only offers wedding packages from January to March in their Spring Prelude Garden.

5. Church and State Winery – With a vineyard as the backdrop, Church and State Winery offers a romantic setting for both your ceremony and reception. Wine lovers will appreciate the ambiance and local flavours.

Wedding ceremony at Delta Mariott Ocean Pointe Resort Victoria

6. Delta Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort – With a waterfront location, Delta Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort provides a scenic setting for both your ceremony and reception. This is an all-inclusive option where you can stay at the hotel (along with some of your guests), get ready, and have your ceremony and reception all in one place.

7. Fairmont Empress Victoria – For a grand and elegant wedding, the Fairmont Empress Victoria provides a historic and luxurious venue with stunning indoor and outdoor spaces for both your ceremony and reception.

8. Gorge Pavilion – Overlooking the Gorge Waterway, Gorge Pavilion is an ideal location for outdoor ceremonies, with a newly built hall for your reception. This charming park is especially beautiful in the Autumn.

Wedding Ceremony at Horticulture Centre of the Pacific Gardens

9. HCP Gardens – At HCP Gardens, you can exchange vows amidst the lush beauty of well-tended gardens and celebrate with your guests in a charming outdoor setting. The venue’s natural surroundings provide a dreamy backdrop for both your ceremony and reception.

Hatley Castle Heritage Park Royal Roads

10. Hatley Castle – This historic castle and its manicured gardens are the epitome of elegance. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairy-tale! Hatley Castle offers various locations for both your ceremony and reception, making it perfect for grand celebrations.

bride and groom first dance at a wedding reception in a barn-like building at highlands pacific golf course

11. Highland Pacific Golf Course – For couples seeking a relaxed atmosphere with scenic views, Highland Pacific Golf Course offers an inviting outdoor ceremony space and versatile reception options.

12. Inn at Laurel Point – A waterfront venue, the Inn at Laurel Point is perfect for couples who want a romantic and picturesque setting. You can enjoy the beauty of the ocean for both your ceremony and reception.

13. Kildara Farms – Kildara Farms offers a rustic yet refined atmosphere with options for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The farm’s beautiful surroundings are perfect for couples who appreciate the countryside.

14. Langtry Walk – Surrounded by nature, Langtry Walk is a serene location for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The venue’s tranquil ambiance is perfect for couples who want a peaceful wedding.

15. Oak Bay Beach Hotel – The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is perfect for beachfront weddings. The venue offers indoor and outdoor spaces with beautiful ocean views.

16. Olympic View Golf Course – The golf course’s panoramic views provide an excellent backdrop for outdoor ceremonies, while the clubhouse offers various indoor and outdoor spaces for receptions.

17. Parkside Hotel and Spa – This modern hotel offers various event spaces for weddings of different sizes, making it a versatile option for couples who want a contemporary atmosphere.

18. Pearson College – Pearson College offers a range of venue options on its unique campus, making it suitable for intimate or larger weddings. The stunning waterfront location is an excellent choice for ceremonies. This is an excellent option if you want to have somewhere for your guests to stay for the whole weekend.

19. Pendray Inn and Teahouse – With a historic inn and charming teahouse, Pendray Inn offers an intimate and romantic atmosphere for both your ceremony and reception.

bride in a vintage car at the royal Victoria yacht club

20. Royal Victoria Yacht Club – A waterfront venue, the Royal Victoria Yacht Club is an excellent choice for a ceremony and reception with a maritime backdrop. You need a sponsor who is a RVYC member in order to book this location.

21. Sea Cider – If you have a fondness for cider and rustic settings, Sea Cider’s outdoor ceremony and reception areas amidst apple orchards create a unique and charming wedding experience.

22. Sooke Prestige Oceanfront Resort – This seaside resort offers a beautiful oceanfront setting for your wedding. You can have your ceremony and reception with stunning coastal views.

23. Starling Lane Vineyard – Starling Vineyard offers a serene vineyard setting with the option to have your ceremony among the vines and then move to a picturesque location for your reception. It’s a lovely choice for couples who appreciate the elegance of a vineyard wedding. The large white greenhouse at this property makes it one of the top locations for my wedding photography wish list.

bride and groom on the beach in Cordova Bay at the Beach House Resturant

24. The Beach House Restaurant – Located right on the waterfront, The Beach House Restaurant offers beautiful ocean views and a wonderful beachfront ceremony spot. This is one of the few locations in Victoria where you can have a wedding on the beach with an indoor reception right on the water. Unfortunately, The Beach House Restaurant has recently been sold to new owners and is not currently available to book. I’m hopeful this unique venue will open up again for weddings in the future.

bride and groom at their wedding ceremony at University of Victoria University Club

25. University of Victoria University Club – Located at the University of Victoria, the University Club offers a classic and elegant venue for both ceremonies and receptions. It’s a convenient and stylish choice. You need a sponsor who is affiliated with the university in order to book this location.

These Victoria venues are just a glimpse of the breathtaking locations available for your wedding. These are popular locations that are highly in demand, so be sure to reach out to them as soon as possible to inquire about availability. A good time frame for booking a wedding venue is 6 months to 18 months before your preferred date. Be sure to ask about guest limits for your ceremony and reception. Once you have secured your venue, the next step in your planning process should be finding an officiant or commissioner for your ceremony. Once those key parts are settled, I recommend booking your wedding photographer next.

Here are some tips for choosing your wedding photographer.

Happy wedding planning!